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Our History

KCC Process Equipment Limited was originally formed in 1984 as a full service process house, designing and supplying a full range of modular oil and gas treatment plants to the international oil industry.  The company grew strongly for almost 20 years, before being acquired by Petreco and Cooper-Cameron in 2002.


Now re-owned by the original founders and re-launched as an independent company in 2013, KCC is once more preparing to open for business. 


In 2015-16 the original core KCC team of senior engineers and consultants is once again coming together to create the UK head office and offer their expertise and experience to customers via licensees around the world.



KCC - Your Key to Complete Confidence

Covering specialist technologies for all gas, oil and water treatment needs, KCC Process Equipment has a wide portfolio of product designs, each competitive in their field, which together bring cost-effective and technically competent solutions to the market.


Independent operating licensees will deliver the full range of products and services to customers involved in the engineering, procurement, construction and operation of major oil & gas industry projects.


Key to our edge is our approach.  Our senior consultants in the UK head office will support the independent licensees around the world by being actively engaged in the engineering design and management of their projects for the entire duration from enquiry to completion, ensuring that the customer’s specific requirements are understood and addressed by the project team.


Contact us at if your company wants to start a  KCC franchise in your region.